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1021 . A____ message is either a query or a response.

a. DNS *
b. Zone
c. Caching
e. DNS

1022. An IPv6 address is ____ bits long?

a. 128 *
b. 92
c. 164
d. 64

1023. An IPv4 address is ____ bits long?

a. 32 *
b. 128
c. 256
d. None of these

1024. An _____amplifies the signal.

a. Amplifier *
b. Repeater
c. Switch
d. Hub

1025. The request and release of the resources are_____

a. system calls *
b. Command-line statements
c. Interrupts
d. Special programs

1026. Which of the following module give control of the CPU to the process selected by the short-term scheduler?

a. Dispatcher *
b. Interrupt
c. Scheduler
d. None of these

1027. An object can’t be ____

a. passed as function *
b. Passed by value
c. Passed by reference
d. Passed by Copy

1028. One’s complement of string “01010100” is.

a. 10101011 *
b. 10101010
c. 00110101
d. 10101001

1029. _____ in a respective table represents a relationship among a set of values in database.

a. Row *
b. Column
c. Key
d. Entry

1030. Which of the following is called internal processing memory?

a. RAM *
c. RDM
d. Cache