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Academic Task knows that computer subject becomes necessary for all the students from various branches, and this platform will provide them all the required knowledge to answer the Questions correctly in the various competitive exams and entrance tests. Academictask is trying to make all those Computer Science MCQs topics more simple and easy to understand So that it will help students to learn it very quickly in a limited amount of time like last peak hours of their Extermination, it’s like last time revision Notes. In Computer Science MCQs with answers, sections cover topics like Basic Computer MCQs, C Programming MCQs, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Database Management MCQs, Operating System (UNIX, LINUX, Window), Computer Organizations and Architecture, Data Mining –  and much more. Also, check MCQs on Software Engineering here.

Computer Science and Quiz Test for Preparation

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1Basic Computer MCQSBasic Computer Quiz

91. The clarity of a displayed image depends on the
A. resolution
B. floating point precision of the system
C. associated software
D. All of these

92. Which of the following is an odd function?
A. f(x) = x2- | x |
B. f(x) = sin (x) + cos (x)
C. f(x) = (x) (ax + 1) / (ax- 1)
D. none of the above

Explanation :
f(x) = x2 – I x l and f(x) =(x) (ax + 1) / (ax -1) are even functions, because
f(x) = f(-x) . f(x) = sin (x) + cos (x) is neither even nor odd as f(x) ≠ f (-x) and – f(x) ≠ f (-x)

93. In the raster-scan method for transformation, a 90° rotation can be performed by
A. reversing the order of bits within each row in the frame buffer
B. by performing XOR on the frame buffer location
C. by copying each row of the block into a column in the new frame buffer location
D. none of the above

94. In the clipping algorithm of Cohen and Sutherland using region codes, a line is already clipped if the,
A. codes of the end points are the same.
B. logical AND of the end points code is not 0000.
C. logical OR of the end points code is 0000.
D. Both (a) & (b)

95. Choose the functions that are periodic.
A. f (x) = x – [ x ]; where [ x ] stands for the greatest integer ≤ x
B. f(x) = | cos (x) |
C. Both (a) & (b)
D. f(x) = sin ( 1 / x ) , if x ≠ 0 ; 0 otherwise

Explanation :
For f ( x ) = x – [ x ]; where [ x ] stands for the greatest integer ≤ x,
solving the equation f ( x + T ) = f (x),
we get T= 1 as the period.
f(x) = |cos (x) | is periodic with period π
n.f(x) = (x) cos (x) and
f(x) = sin ( 1 / x )
if x ≠ 0; 0 otherwise are not periodic.

96. The refresh rate below which a picture flickers is
A. 25
B. 30
C. 35
D. 60

97. Which of the following transformations are non-commutative?
A. Linear followed by scaling
B. Linear followed by rotation
C. Scaling followed by rotation
D. None of the above

98. Raster systems display a picture from a definition in a
A. display file program
B. frame buffer
C. display controller
D. none of the above

99. Back face removal is an example of
A. object space method
B. image space method
C. combination of both
D. none of the above

100. A bilinear transformation can be simulated by the transformations
A. translation, rotation and stretching
B. translation and rotation
C. rotation, stretching and inversion
D. rotation, stretching, inversion and translation