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511. Identify the separator(s) in C?
A. white space character
B. Comments
C. Semicolon
D. Both A and B

512. A program which translates a high level language program into a machine language program is called
A. Compiler
B. Interpreter
C. Both A and B
D. none of the above

513. Indicate which of the following is not true about an interpreter?
A. Interpreter generates an object program from the source program
B. Interpreter is a kind of translator
C. Interpreter analysis each source statement every time it is to be executed
D. None of the above

514. The errors that can be pointed out by the compiler are?
A. syntax errors
B. semantic error
C. logical error
D. none of the above

515. Which of the following statements is not true?
A. FORTRAN is a high-level language
B. A FORTRAN program written for the IBM-PC, is totally different from a FORTRAN program written for the execution of SUN machine.
C. FORTRAN is extensively used write program for performing scientific computations
D. None of the above

516. The language C is
A. an assembly language
B. a third generation high level language
C. a machine language
D. none of the above

517. A program that converts a high level language program to a set of instructions that can run on a computer is called a ?
A. compiler
B. debugger
C. editor
D. none of the above

518. The mapping from assembly language instructions into machine language instructions is?
A. many-one
B. many-many
C. one-one
D. one-many

519. A compiler is
A. a machine-independent and OS-independent
B. machine-dependent and OS-dependent
C. machine-dependent and OS-independent
D. machine-independent and OS-dependent

520. Which one of the following statement is incorrect?
A. A compiler compiles the source program
B. An assembler takes an assembly program as input.
C. A compiler does the same type of function as interpreter
D. None of the above