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1161. Shortcut key to open old workbook is ___________.

A. Ctrl+F
B. Ctrl+O *
C. Ctrl+N
D. Ctrl+Y

1162. Shortcut key to move next workbook is __________.

A. Ctrl+F6 *
C. Shift+F6
D. F6

1163. Conditional formatting option exist in _________.

A. Edit menu
B. Data menu
C. Format menu *
D. File menu

1164. Web page option exist in _______.

A. Format menu
B. Data menu
C. File menu *
D. Tool menu

1165. Shortcut key to paste a cell is __________.

A. Ctrl+P
B. Ctrl+X
C. Ctrl+V *
D. Ctrl+Z

1166. The name of option to select all worksheets is _________.

A. Sheet selector
B. Select All *
C. Choose select
D. Select sheet

1167. The function that is used to get date and time simultaneously________.

A. Today ()
B. Now () *
C. Date ()
D. Date and Time

1168. Which of the following is not a type of chart ?

A. Pie-Chart
B. Area-Chart
C. T-Graph *
D. Line Graph

1169. Which file format can be added to a powerpoint show ?

C. Wav
D. All of the above *

1170. In Microsoft PowerPoint two kind of sound effects files that can be added to the presentation are ______.

A. .Wav files and .Mid files *
B. .Wav files and .Gif files
C. .Wav files and .Jpg files
D. .Jpg files and .Gif files