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971. Devices interconnected by the LAN should include
A. Computers and terminals
B. mass storage device, printers and plotters
C. bridges and gateways
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

972. What are the data transmission channels available for carrying data from one location to another?
A. Narrowband
B. Voiceband
C. Broadband
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

973. On a class B network, how many hosts are available at each site with a subnet mask of 248?
A. 16,382
B. 8,190
C. 4,094
D. 2,046
E. 1,022

974. Which of the following technique is used for encapsulation?
A. a technique used in best-effort delivery systems to avoid endlessly looping packets.
B. a technique used by protocols in which a lower level protocol accepts a message from a higher level protocol and places it in the data portion of the low level frame.
C. One of the pieces that results when an IP gateway divides an IP datagram into smaller pieces for transmission across a network that cannot handle the original datagram size
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

975. A machine that connects to two or more electronic mail systems and transfers mail messages among them is known as
A. Gateways
B. mail gateway
C. bridges
D. User Agent
E. None of the above

976. If digital data rate of 9600 bps is encoded using 8-level phase shift keying (PSK) method, the modulation rate is
A. 1200 bands
B. 3200 bands
C. 4800 bands
D. 9600 bands
E. None of the above

977. Error detection at a data link level is achieved by
A. bit stuffing
B. cyclic redundancy codes
C. Hamming codes
D. equalization

978. When the computer provides the manager with a multiple choice of possible answers, the prompting technique is
A. question and answer
B. form filling
C. open-ended question
D. menu selection
E. None of the above

979. Which network topology is considered passive?
A. Cross
B. Ring
C. Star
D. Mesh
E. Bus

980. If a firm wanted to transmit data from 1,000 punched cards to a remote computer, they would use a(n)
A. POS terminal
B. data collection terminal
C. batch processing terminal
D. intelligent terminal
E. None of the above