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131. Twisted pair have maximum segment of
A. 500 m
B. 200 m
C. 100 m
D. 2000 m

132. Thick coax have maximum segment of
A. 500 m
B. 200 m
C. 100 m
D. 700 m

133. Method of communication in which transmission takes place in both directions, but only in one direction at a time, is called
A. simplex
B. four wire circuit
C. full duplex
D. half duplex

134. Unmodulated signal coming from a transmitter is known as
A. carrier signal
B. baseband signal
C. primary signal
D. None of these

135. Bit stuffing refers to
A. inserting a ‘0’ in user stream to differentiate it with a lag
B. inserting a ‘0’ in lag stream to avoid ambiguity
C. appending a nibble to the lag sequence
D. appending a nibble to the use data stream

Explanation :
Bit stuffing is required when there is a flag of bits to represent one of the incidents like start of frame, end of frame, etc, If same lag of bits appear in the data stream, a zero can be inserted. The receiver deletes this zero from the data stream.

136. In a broad sense, a railway track is an example of
A. simplex
B. half-duplex
C. full-duplex
D. All of these

137. Frequency range at which the land coaxial cables are used, is
A. 106 to 108 Hz
B. 1010 to 1011 Hz
C. 103 to 104 Hz
D. None of these

138. What uses a physical star topology ?
A. 10 base 5
B. 10 base 2
C. 10 base T
D. None of these

139. The monitor station in what standard ensures that one and only one token is circulating ?
A. 802.3
B. 802.5
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. All of these

140. What can happen at a Token Ring station
A. Examination of the destination address
B. Regeneration of the frame
C. Passing of the frame to the next station
D. All of these