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1031. Which of the following is a firmware built into the computer system?

a. Slot
b. RAM
c. BIOS *
d. Port

1032. ____ is a database language that defines the structure in which data are stored?

a. DNL
b. DCL
c. DDL ( DATA Definition Language) *
d. DML

1033. Which of the following is used to store data in database

a. Table *
b. Form
c. Query
d. Report

1034. Charles Babbage was a/an:

a. Mathematician *
b. Computer scientist
c. Physician
d. Analyst

1035. Combine the record from two different stored files into a single stored file is called:

a. Sorting
b. Merging *
c. Traversing
d. Insertion

1036. The OR of binary operations represents by

a. Dot (.)
b. Subtraction
c. Addition *
d. All of the above

1037. “If” within a block of another if is called____

a. If-if
b. If-else
c. Else-if
d. Nested if *

1038. ___ is a program that control a particular type of device that is attached the computer.

a. Operating system
b. Application Software
c. Device Driver *
d. MAC Operating system

1039. (1.5)8 Convert to (___) 16.

a. (001.101)16
b. (1.5)16 *
c. (B.01)16
d. (A)16

1040. In a ___ topology, if there are n device in a network, each device has n-1 ports for cables.

a. Star
b. Bus
c. Ring
d. Mesh *