361. ___________ virus is a polymorphic virus. Polymorphic means “changes nature with passage of time”.
A. Redlof
B. Trojan Horse
C. Chernobyl
D. Logic Bomb

362. Which of the following protocols is used by World Wide Web(www)?
B. Ethernet

363. A primary key that consists of more than one attribute is called a
A. Foreign key
B. Composite key
C. Multivalued key
D. Global key

364. An attribute in database is also known as
A. Tuple
B. Relation
C. Row
D. Field

365. C language was developed by
A. Van Neumann
B. Dennis Ritchie
C. Charles Babbage
D. John Backus

366. A space in computer’s memory set aside for some data that can be changed is called
A. Variable
B. Constant
C. Integer
D. Floating Point

367. Which of the following components is used to convert first .c to first .exe?
A. Compiler and header
B. Header and linker
C. Compiler and linker
D. Compiler only

368. Which of the database objects allows to extract specific information from tables?
A. Queries
B. Forms
C. Reports
D. Records

369. The instructions that are given to the compiler before the beginning of actual program are:
A. C statements
B. Preprocessor directive
C. Linking instructions
D. C instructions

370. Which key combination is used to run C program:
A. Alt+F9
B. Ctrl+S
C. Alt+F5
D. Ctrl+F9

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