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1151. Web page option exist in __________.

A. Format menu
B. Data menu
C. File menu *
D. Tool menu

1152. The cell range A2 through C2 should be keyed as ___________.

A. A2-C2
B. A2 to C2
C. A2:C2 *
D. A2…C2

1153. Each worksheet contains rows __________.

A. 65,000
B. 66,000
C. 65,536 *
D. 65,500

1154. Texts are entered in __________.

A. Cells *
B. Bells
C. Jells
D. Hells

1155. Shortcuts for select entire worksheet is __________.

A. Ctrl+B
B. Ctrl+A *
C. Ctrl+C
D. Ctrl+D

1156. Shortcut key for format cell is __________.

A. Ctrl+F2
C. CTRL+1 *

1157. To move to the next worksheet in a workbook press___________.

A. Ctrl+page down *
B. Ctrl+page up
C. Ctrl+Home
D. Ctrl+End

1158. To move to the previous worksheet in a workbook press _______.

A. Ctrl+page down
B. Ctrl+page up *
C. Ctrl+Ins
D. Ctrl+Del

1159. To combine two or more cells into one is called __________.

A. Split
B. Joining
C. Merge *
D. Center

1160. The function that is used to count the number of entries in the given range is _________.

A. Counter
B. Count *
C. Counting
D. Sorting