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691. Which is the best data structure for round robin algorithm for CPU scheduling?
A. Stack implemented using queues
B. Doubly linked list
C. Circular queue
D. Queue implemented using stacks

692. Which algorithm is having highest space complexity?
A. Bubble sort
B. Insertion Sort
C. Quick Sort
D. Merge Sort

693. If the array is already sorted, then the running time for merge sort is: ?
A. O(1)
B. O(n*log n)
C. O(n)
D. O(n^2)

694. How many digits of the DNIC (Data Network Identification Code) identify the country?
A. first three
B. first four
C. first five
D. first six
E. None of the above

695. A station in a network forwards incoming packets by placing them on its shortest output queue. What routing algorithm is being used?
A. hot potato routing
B. flooding
C. static routing
D. delta routing
E. None of the above

696. The probability that a single bit will be in error on a typical public telephone line using 4800 bps modem is 10 to the power -3. If no error detection mechanism is used, the residual error rate for a communication line using 9-bit frames is approximately equal to
A. 0.003
B. 0.009
C. 0.991
D. 0.999
E. None of the above

697. Frames from one LAN can be transmitted to another LAN via the device
A. Router
B. Bridge
C. Repeater
D. Modem

698. Which of the following condition is used to transmit two packets over a medium at the same time?
A. Contention
B. Collision
C. Synchronous
D. Asynchronous
E. None of the above

699. You have a class A network address with 40 subnets, but are required to add 60 new subnets very soon. You would like to still allow for the largest possible number of host IDs per subnet. Which subnet mask should you assign?

700. What are the most commonly used transmission speeds in BPS used in data communication?
A. 300
B. 1200
C. 2400
D. 9600
E. None of the above