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991. Which of the following is the address of the router?
A. The IP address
B. The TCP address
C. The subnet mask
D. The default gateway
E. None of the above

992. Thorough planning must take place when setting up an 802.3 network. A maximum number of segments can separate any two nodes on the network. What is the maximum number of segments allowed between two nodes?
A. Five
B. Two
C. Four
D. Six
E. Three

993. A devices that links two homogeneous packet-broadcast local networks, is
A. hub
B. bridge
C. repeater
D. gateway
E. None of the above

994. Identify the odd term amongst the following group:
A. Coaxial cable
B. Optical fibre
C. Twisted pair wire
D. Microwaves
E. None of the above

995. Which of the following divides the high speed signal into frequency bands?
A. t-switch
B. modem
C. frequency-division multiplexer
D. time-division multiplexer
E. None of the above

996. What is the first octet range for a class C IP address?
A. 192 – 255
B. 192 – 223
C. 192 – 226
D. 128 – 191
E. 1 – 126

997. Which utility is useful for finding the local host name?
B. Netstat
D. Hostname
E. None of the above

998. Which of the following conditions is used to transmit two packets over a medium at the same time?
A. Contention
B. Collision
C. Synchronous
D. Asynchronous

999. Distributed Queue Dual Bus is a standard for
D. Wireless LAN.
E. LAN and MAN

1000. A teleprocessing system may consist of
A. user systems
B. communications systems
C. computer center systems
D. All of the above
E. None of the above