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601. Graphic interfaces were first used in a Xerox product called:
A. InterLISP
B. Ethernet
C. Smalltalk
E. None of the above

602. The Al researcher who co-authored both the Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and The Fifth Generation is:
A. Bruce Lee
B. Randy Davis
C. Ed Feigenbaum
D. Mark Fox
E. None of the above

603. Which of the following is being investigated as a means of automating the creation of a knowledge base?
A. automatic knowledge acquisition
B. simpler tools
C. discovery of new concepts
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

604. The CAI (Computer-Assisted Instruction) technique based on programmed instruction is:
A. frame-based CAI
B. generative CAI
C. problem-solving CAI
D. intelligent CAI
E. None of the above

605. A robot’s “arm” is also known as its:
A. end effector
B. actuator
C. manipulator
D. servomechanism
E. None of the above

606. KEE is a product of:
A. Teknowledge
B. IntelliCorpn
C. Texas Instruments
D. Tech knowledge
E. None of the above

607. Computers normally solve problem by breaking them down into a series of yes-or-no decisions represented by 1s and 0s. What is the name of the logic that allows computers to assign numerical values that fail somewhere between 0 and 1?
A. Human logic
B. Fuzzy logic
C. Boolean logic
D. Operational logic
E. None of the above

608. The component of an ICAI (Intelligent Computer-Asslsted Instruction) presenting information to the student is the:
A. student model
B. problem-solving expertise
C. tutoring module
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

609. The company that grew out of research at the MIT AI lab is:
A. AI corp
C. Symbolics
D. both (b) and (c)
E. None of the above

610. Which technique is being investigated as an approach to automatic programming?
A. generative CAI
B. specification by example
C. All of the above
D. non-hierarchical planning
E. None of the above