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101. Choose the correct answers.
To construct the rectangle ABCD, it is enough if
A. the length and breadth are given
B. the vertices A and B are given
C. the vertex A and the length of the diagonal are given
D. the vertices A and C are given

102. A raster colour display processor supports a resolution of 1024 x 800 with upto 16 million colours simultaneously displayable. What will be the approximate size (in bytes) of the frame buffer used in the display processor?
A. 1.2 x 106
B. 2.4 x 106
C. 16 X 106
D. 105

103. Choose the disconnect statement from the following about the basic ray tracing technique used in image synthesis.
A. In this technique, rays are cast from the eye point through every pixel on the screen.
B. In this technique, viewing transformations are not applied to the scene prior to rendering.
C. This technique removes hidden surfaces
D. In this technique, rays are cast from the light source to the objects in the scene.

104. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true?
A. Request, sample and event are the three basic modes of input.
B. Keyboard is a device ideally suited for use in sample mode.
C. A mouse is typically a device for inputting an absolute position on the screen.
D. Special graphics hardware support is essential for providing a mer!il-driven user interface to an application.

105. Which of the following devices has a relative origin?
A. Joystick
B. Track ball
C. Mouse
D. None of the above

106. A surface appearing black
A. reflects all the incident colours
B. reflects all the incident colours except black
C. reflects only black and absorbs the rest
D. reflects none

107. Hue of a colour is related to its
A. luminance
B. saturation
C. incandescence
D. wavelength

108. If the eccentricity of a conic is less than one then it is a
A. circle
B. parabola
C. ellipse
D. hyperbola

109. Parabola can be got from a right circular cone, by cutting it through a plane that is
A. parallel to the side of the cone
B. perpendicular to the axis of the cone
C. a tangent to the cone
D. parallel to the axis of the cone

110. Fractals deal with curves that are
A. irregularly irregular
B. regularly irregular
C. irregularly regular
D. regularly regular