421. Voltage is measured:
A. in parallel
B. in series
C. after breaking the circuit
D. after checking resistance
E. after checking current

422. Your customer tells you the print quality of their dot matrix printer is light then dark. Which of the following could cause the problem.
A. Paper slippage
B. Improper ribbon advancement
C. Paper thickness
D. Head position
E. None of the above

423. The 34-pin connection on an I/O card is for?
A. Floppy drive
B. SCSI drive
C. IDE drive
D. Zip drive
E. None of the above

424. The terms “red book”, “yellow book”, and “orange book” refer to:
B. ide
C. floppy drive technology
D. CD-ROM standards
E. All of the above

425. On the 16-bit ISA bus, IRQ2 is elevated to which higher level Interrupt?
A. 9
B. 11
C. 13
D. 15
E. None of the above

426. What beep codes could indicate a system board or power supply failure?
A. steady short beep
B. no beep
C. one long continuous beep tone
D. steady long beeps
E. All of the above

427. Which part of the laser printer should NOT be exposed to sunlight?
A. Transfer corona assembly
B. PC drum
C. Primary corona wire
D. Toner cartridge
E. None of the above

428. After doing a low-level format, what would be the next step in configuring the hard drive in a system?
A. Format DOS partition
B. Install operating system
C. Configure DMA channel and back-up interrupt
D. Partition had disk
E. None of the above

429. Resistance is measured in ?
A. Volts
B. Amps
C. Watts
D. Ohms
E. None of the above

430. What command is used to reset a MODEM when using the “AT Command Set”?
E. None of the above

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