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1251. A presentation means ?

A. Display of products
B. Explaining the utility of products *
C. A surprise
D. Display of skills

1252. The term CRM stand for ?

A. Customer relationship management *
B. Customer relative market
C. Customer Relation model
D. Computer Root Market

1253. What is the main advantage of using switch in networks ?

A. To reduce the network traffic *
B. To connect a computer directly to the internet
C. To prevent the spread of all viruses
D. To manage the workstation’s password security

1254. What should be done to convert the configuration of an image from BMP to JPEG ?

A. Rename the image
B. Expand the file
C. Use the save as command *
D. Change the image extension

1255. A company frequently updates a user guide, and some employees are unsure which printed text is the most recent. To solve this conundrum, what quality ought to be included in the reference guide?

A. Copyright information
B. Data printed
C. Version Number *
D. Authors name

1256. The term used for processing of comparison speed is :


1257. The information from a bookkeeping sheet expects to be brought into a data set get together. What kind of file format would be best for saving the spreadsheet?

A. CSV *

1258. CD audio player uses what , for reproducing sound ?

A. Titanium needle
B. Quartz cristal
C. Laser Beam *
D. Ribbon Tip

1259. Which of the following would point out that the battery of motherboard has disastrous ?

A. Hardware setting get corrupted
B. Operating system get lost
C. Files on the hard disk are lost
D. Hardware settings, including the present date reverts to default values *

1260. Which of the subsequent is important component of communication cycle ?

A. A message *
B. An interpreter
C. An internet connection
D. An email account