1011. Which of the following functions are provided by compiler by default if we don’t write in a C++ class?
A. Copy constructor
B. Assignment
C. Constructor
D. All the above

1012. How many can max number of arguments present in function in the c99 compiler?
A. 99
B. 90
C. 102
D. 127

1013. The maths function acos (x) stands for
A. Inverse Cosine of x
B. Inverse Sine of x
C. Inverse Tangent of x
D. Floor of x

1014. Constant function in C++ can be declared as
A. Void display()
B. Void display() const
C. Const void display()
D. Void const display()

1015. Where does the execution of the program starts?
A. User-defined function
B. Main function
C. Void function
D. None of the above

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