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1071. Project 802 defines standards for which layers of the OSI Model?

A. Application and presentation layers
B. Physical and data link layers *
C. Network and Data link layers
D. Transport and Network layers

1072. Network topologies are categorized into the following basic types________.

A. Bus Ring
B. Star Tree
C. Mesh
D. All of the above *

1073. Software to peruse the internet ___________.

A. Gateway
B. Videoconferencing
C. Browser *
D. Teleconferencing

1074. A network that covers small geographic area or sigle or group of buildings is called ________.

B. LAN *
C. Bridge
D. Gateway

1075. A device which connects multiple nodes to the network is __________.

A. A modem
B. A hub *
C. A repeater
D. A router

1076. What does ISDN stands for ?

A. International service date network
B. International service digital network
C. Integrated service date network
D. Integrated service digital network *

1077. Which one is not network topology ?

A. Star
B. Ring
C. Circle *
D. Bus

1078. The CCITT protocol is the same as ___________.

A. X 25 *
B. Y 25
C. C 25
D. D 25

1079. Maximum lenght of the co-axial cable used in LAN is __________.

A. 120 meter
B. 110 meter
C. 100 meter *
D. 90 meter

1080. The cable joining the Hub is called ____________.

A. Spine *
B. RS 45 connector
C. RS 232 serial port
D. Modem card