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Academic Task knows that computer subject becomes necessary for all the students from various branches, and this platform will provide them all the required knowledge to answer the Questions correctly in the various competitive exams and entrance tests. Academictask is trying to make all those Computer Science MCQs topics more simple and easy to understand So that it will help students to learn it very quickly in a limited amount of time like last peak hours of their Extermination, it’s like last time revision Notes. In Computer Science MCQs with answers, sections cover topics like Basic Computer MCQs, C Programming MCQs, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Database Management MCQs, Operating System (UNIX, LINUX, Window), Computer Organizations and Architecture, Data Mining –  and much more. Also, check MCQs on Software Engineering here.

Computer Science and Quiz Test for Preparation

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1Basic Computer MCQSBasic Computer Quiz

31. A set of names can be represented as a
A. two-dimensional array of characters
B. one-dimensional array of strings
C. one-dimensional array of pointers to character
D. All of above

32. If arr is a two dimensional array of 10 rows and 12 columns, then arr (5) logically points to the
A. sixth row
B. Fifth row
C. fifth column
D. sixth column

33. While sorting a set of names, representing the names as an array of pointers is preferable to representing the names as a two dimensional array of characters because
A. storage needed will be proportional to the size of the data
B. execution will be faster
C. swapping process becomes easier and faster
D. All of the above

34: Choose the correct statements
A. an entire array can be passed as an argument to a function
B. a part of an array can be passed as argument to a function
C. any change done to an array that is passed as an argument to a function will be local to the function
D. Both (a) & (b)

35. Pick the correct answers
if x is an one dimensional array, then
A. &x[ i ] is same as x + i – 1
B. *(x + 1) is same as *(&x [ i ])
C. *(x + i) is same as x[ i ]
D. both (b) & (c)

36. Choose the correct statements
A. Array stores data of the same type
B. Array can be a part of a structure
C. Array of structure is allowed
D. All of the above

37. A file is preferable to an array of structures because
A. file lives even after the program that created it terminates
B. memory space will not be wasted
C. there are many system tools to manipulate files
D. All of the above

38. Consider the declaration
char street[10] = “abcdefghi”;
Choose the correct remark(s)
A. &street and street will have different values
B. &street is meaningless
C. &street+1 and street+1 will have the same values
D. None of the above

&street and street will have the values which is the starting address of the street array. However. street is a pointer to the first character whereas &street is a pointer to the entire array. The incremented values of street and &street reflects this difference.

39. In which of the following no information hiding is done ?
A. compile prog 1, prog 2
B. run test, prog
C. load R1 , A
D. 001001000010101

40. The identification of common sub-expression and replacement of run-time computations by compile-time computations is
A. local optimization
B. loop optimization
C. constant folding
D. data flow analysis