261. Who design the first electronics computer ENIAC__?
A. J. Presper Eckert & John W Mauchly
B. michael ray
C. charles babbage

262. The first high level language C invented by__?
A. john w mauchly
B. Dennis M.Ritchie cook revay
C. Golden

263. Person who program, design, operate and maintain computer equipment refers it___?
A. Peopleware
B. malware
C. grouping

264. The Alternative computer jargon for bug is known as___?
A. antivirus
B. Glitch
C. horse

265. As the Modern Computer are very reliable but not__?
A. Very Easy
B. Very Hard
C. Infallible

266. Personal computers uses a number of chips mounted on a circuit board called__?
B. Motherboard

267. Convert the 88 into binary language select true__?
A. 1011000
B. 1001101
C. 1110101

268. As Modern Computer are very reliable but not__?
A. Easy
B. Hard
C. Infallible

269. MS Excel short key to start a new line in a current cell__?
A. F8
B. F12
C. ALT + Enter

270. What is short key to calculate workbooks in ms excel __?
A. Shift + k
B. F9
C. F1

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