1001. Javascript is ideal to?
A. make computations in HTML simpler
B. minimize storage requirements on the web server
C. increase the download time for the client
D. none of the mentioned

1002. The meaning for Augmenting classes is that:
A. objects inherit prototype properties even in dynamic state
B. objects inherit prototype properties only in dynamic state
C. objects inherit prototype properties in static state
D. object doesn’t inherit prototype properties in static state

1003. Which is the handler method used to invoke when uncaught JavaScript exceptions occur?
A. Onhalt
B. Onerror
C. Both onhalt and onerror
D. Onsuspend

1004. What does the interpreter do when you reference variables in other scopes?
A. Traverses the queue
B. Traverses the stack
C. Finds the bugs
D. Traverse the array

1005. What must be done in order to implement Lexical Scoping?
A. Get the object
B. Dereference the current scope chain
C. Reference the current scope chain
D. Return the value

1006. The dispatcher
A. actually schedules the tasks into the processor
B. puts tasks in I/O wait
C. is always small and simple
D. never changes task priorities
E. None of the above

1007. System programs such as Compilers are designed so that they are
A. reenterable
B. non reusable
C. serially usable
D. recursive
E. None of the above

1008. IBM released its first PC in 1981. Can you name the operating system which was most popular at that time?
C. OS/360
E. None of the above

1009. If the number of bits in a virtual address of a program is 16 and the page size is 0.5 K bytes, the number of pages in the virtual address space is
A. 16
B. 32
C. 64
D. 128
E. None of the above

1010. Which table is a permanent database that has an entry for each terminal symbol.
A. Terminal table
B. Literal table
C. Identifier table
D. Reductions
E. None of the above

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