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1131. The bar which contains the drop down menu is _________.

A. Menu bar *
B. Horizontal bar
C. Vertical bar
D. Title bar

1132. Bullet and numbering option exist in __________.

A. Format menu *
B. Edit menu
C. File menu
D. Insert menu

1133. Word count option exist in _________.

A. File menu
B. Table menu
C. Tool menu *
D. Edit menu

1134. Shortcut key for replacing text is ___________.

A. Ctrl+F
B. Ctrl+T
C. Ctrl+H *
D Ctrl+R

1135. Table option exist in __________.

A. Format menu
B. File menu
C. Table menu *
D. Tool menu

1136. Which of the following is latest version of MS Word?

A. Word 97
B. Word 98
C. Word XP *
D. Word 2000

1137. Shortcut key to allign left paragraph is __________.

A. Ctrl+R
B. Ctrl+L *
C. Ctrl+N
D. Ctrl+K

1138. The appearance or shape of character set is called ____________.

A. Symbols
B. Font *
C. Bullets
D. Table

1139. Shortcut key for a double line spacing is _________.

A. Ctrl+1
B. Ctrl+3
C. Ctrl+2 *
D. Ctrl+4

1140. Toolbar that contains small picture is called ________.

A. Clip art
B. Icons *
C. Word art
D. Graph art