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821. An anticipated result from multiprogramming operations is:
A. reduced computer idle time
B. the handling of more jobs
C. better scheduling of work
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

822. A central computer surrounded by one or more satellite computers is called a
A. bus network
B. ring network
C. star network
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

823. If delays are recorded as 10 bit numbers in a 50 router network, and delay vectors are exchanged twice a second, how much bandwidth per fill duplex line is occupied by the distributed routing algorithm?
A. 500 bps
B. 1500 bps
C. 5 bps
D. 1000 bps

824. HOSTS file entries are limited to how many characters?
A. 8
B. 255
C. 500
D. Unlimited
E. None of the above

825. The OOPs concept in C++, exposing only necessary information to users or clients is known as
A. Data hiding
B. Encapsulation
C. Hiding complexity
D. Abstraction

826. A class is made abstract by declaring at least one of its functions as?
A. abstract classes
B. pure virtual function
C. abstract functions
D. Interface

827. Which is private member functions access scope?
A. Member functions which can used outside the class
B. Member functions which are accessible in derived class
C. Member functions which can only be used within the class
D. Member functions which can’t be accessed inside the class

828. C++ was originally developed by
A. Sir Richard Hadlee
B. Clocksin and Mellish
C. Donald E. Knuth
D. Bjame Stroustrup

829. Can main() function be made private?
A. Yes, always
B. Yes, if program doesn’t contain any classes
C. No, because main function is user defined
D. No, never

830. At what point of time a variable comes into existence in memory is determined by its
A. Data type
B. Storage class
C. Scope
D. All of the above