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611. One definition of AI focuses on problem-solving methods that process:
A. smell
B. symbols
C. touch
D. algorithms
E. None of the above

612. Artificial intelligence is
A. the embodiment of human intellectual capabilities within a computer.
B. a set of computer programs that produce output that would be considered to reflect intelligence if it were generated by humans.
C. the study of mental faculties through the use of mental models implemented on a computer.
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

613. The primary method that people use to sense their environment is:
A. reading
B. writing
C. speaking
D. seeing
E. None of the above

614. The Newell and Simon program that proved theorems of Principia Mathematica was:
A. Elementary Perceiver
B. General Problem Solver
C. Logic Theorist
D. Boolean Algebra
E. None of the above

615. In LISP, the function assigns . the value of a to b is
A. (setq a b)
B. (setq b a )
C. (b = a)
D. (set b = a)
E. None of the above

616. The cray X-MP, IBM 3090 and connection machine can he characterized as
E. None of the above

617. In LISP, the function (list-length <list>)
A. returns a new list that is equal to <list> by copying the top-level element of <list>
B. returns the length of <list>
C. returns t if <list> is empty.
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

618. ART (Automatic Reasoning Tool) is designed to be used on:
A. LISP machines
B. personal computers
C. microcomputers
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

619. Which particular generation of computers is associated with artificial intelligence?
A. Second
B. Fourth
C. Fifth
D. Third
E. None of the above

620. Shaping teaching techniques to fit the learning patterns of individual students is the goal of:
A. decision support
B. automatic programming
C. intelligent computer-assisted instruction
D. expert systems
E. None of the above