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Academic Task knows that computer subject becomes necessary for all the students from various branches, and this platform will provide them all the required knowledge to answer the Questions correctly in the various competitive exams and entrance tests. Academictask is trying to make all those Computer Science MCQs topics more simple and easy to understand So that it will help students to learn it very quickly in a limited amount of time like last peak hours of their Extermination, it’s like last time revision Notes. In Computer Science MCQs with answers, sections cover topics like Basic Computer MCQs, C Programming MCQs, Computer Networks, Data Structures, Database Management MCQs, Operating System (UNIX, LINUX, Window), Computer Organizations and Architecture, Data Mining –  and much more. Also, check MCQs on Software Engineering here.

Computer Science and Quiz Test for Preparation

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1Basic Computer MCQSBasic Computer Quiz

11. The information about an array used in a program will be sorted in
A. Symbol table
B. Activation record
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. Dope vector

12. In which of the following cases, linked list implementation of sparse matrices consumes the same memory space as the conventional way of storing the entire array?
A. 5×6 matrix with 9 non-zero entries
B. 5×6 matrix with 10 non-zero entries
C. Efficient in accessing an entry
D. Efficient if the sparse matrix is a band matrix

Conventional way needs storage of m x n
In the case of linked list implementation of sparse matrices, storage needed will be(the number of non-zero entries).
Only in case(c), both the methods need the same storage of 30.

13. The minimum number of inter changes needed to convert the array 89,19,40,17,12,10,2,5,7,11,6,9,70 into a heap with maximum element at the root is
A. 1
B. 2
D. None of these

14. The const feature can be applied to
A. an identifier
B. an array
C. an array argument
D. All of these

15. Choose the correct statements
A. All The elements of the array should be of the same data type and storage class
B. The number of subscripts determines the dimension of the array
C. The array elements need not be of the same storage class
D. In an array definition. the subscript can be any expression yielding a non-zero integer value

16. If storage class is missing in the array definition, by default it will be taken to be
A. automatic
B. external
C. static
D. either automatic or external depending on the place of occurrence

Explanation :
If it is coming within a function, the storage class will be taken to be automatic. otherwise external

17. Consider the array definition
int num [10] = {3, 3, 3};
Pick the Correct answers
A. num [9] is the last element of the array num
B. The value of num [ 8] is 3
C. The value of num [ 3 ] is 3
D. None of the above

18. Consider the following type definition.
typedef char x[10]; x myArray[5];
What will sizeof(myArray) be ? (Assume one character occupies 1 byte)
A. 15 bytes
B. 10 bytes
C. 50 bytes
D.30 bytes

19. While passing an array as an actual argument, the function call must have the array name
A. with empty brackets
B. with its size
C. alone
D. none of the above

20. The following program
main( ){static int a[ ] = { 7, 8, 9 } ;printf( “%d”, 2[ a ] + a[ 2 ] ) ;}
A. results in bus error
B. results in segmentation violation error
C. will not compile successfully
D. none of the above

Explanation :
a[2] will be converted to *(a + 2).
*(a + 2) can as well be written as *(2 + a ) .
*(2 + a ) is nothing but 2 [a] . So. a [2] is essentially same as 2 [a] which is same as * ( 2 + a ). So. it prints 9 + 9 = 18. Some of the modem compilers don’t accept 2[a]