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111. A circle, if scaled in only one dimension becomes a/an
A. parabola
B. hyperbola
C. ellipse
D. remains a circle

Explanation :
Let it be scaled in Y-axis with a factor k.
The equation of the circle x2 + y2 = a2, after scaling
becomes x2 + (ky)2 = a2. This can be written as x2/a2 + y2/(a/k)2 = 1. This is an ellipse.

112. Choose the correct statement.
Given three non-collinear points,
A. it is always possible to draw a circle. passing through the three points.
B. it may or may not be-possible to draw a circle passing through the three points.
C. it is impossible to draw a circle passing through the three points
D. none of the above

Explanation :
The three given points form a triangle. This triangle will have a circum-circle that touches all the three points

113. Aspect ratio is generally defined as the ratio of the
A. vertical to horizontal points
B. horizontal to vertical points
C. vertical to (horizontal + vertical) points
D. either (a) or (b), depending on the convention followed

114. The best hidden surface removal algorithm is
A. painters
B. depth buffer
C. area subdivision
D. depends on the application

115. Engineering drawing commonly applies
A. oblique projection
B. orthographic projection
C. perspective projection
D. none of the above

116. The basic elements of a picture in volume graphics is
A. pixel
B. volsel
C. voxel
D. none of the above

117. The point at which a set of projected parallel lines appear to converge is called as a
A. convergence point
B. vanishing point
C. point of illusion
D. point of delusion

118. In displaying a clipped picture, the efficient method is
A. clipping against the window and then applying the window transformation
B. applying window transformation and then clipping against the viewport
C. both (a) and (b) have the same efficiency
D. efficiency depends on whether the window is an aligned rectangle or not.

119. A viewgraph is
A. an oversized slide designed for presentation on an overhead projector.
B. designed and created by exposing film to the output of the graphics system.
C. a hardcopy chart
D. none of the above

120. The best suited hidden surface algorithm to deal with non polygonal, non planar surface patches is
A. painter’s algorithm
B. ray tracing
C. Z-Buffer algorithm
D. scan-line algorithm