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371. Different attributes in two different tables having same name are referred to as
A. Acronym
D. Synonym
C. Homonym
D. Mutually exclusive

372. SQL is a/an
A. Unstructured language
B. Structured language
C. Object oriented language
D. Software

373. The loop which never ends is called:
A. Infinite loop
B. Running loop
C. Continuous loop
D. Nested loop

374. Another term for a conditional operator is:
A. Binary
B. Iteration
C. Selective
D. Ternary

375. The total number of keywords in C are:
A. 60
B. 42
C. 32
D. 50

376. What does CIM stand for?
A. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
B. Copy In Memory
C. Computer International Management
D. Computer Intel Marketing

377. Which register normally functions as a 16-bit counter that controls the sequence in which the instructions are fetched from memory?

378. Access time for most of memories is measured in:
A. Microseconds
B. Milliseconds
C. Nanoseconds
D. Megahertz

379. A database consists of various components called:
A. Tools
B. Properties
C. Entities
D. Objects

380. Which of the following terms is related to the features of cascading deletion?
A. Data integrity
B. Data redundancy
C. Referential integrity
D. Indexing