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551. The characteristics of the computer system capable of thinking, reasoning and learning is known is
A. machine intelligence
B. human intelligence
C. artificial intelligence
D. virtual intelligence
E. None of the above

552. What part of the manufacturing process relate to each stage of the process and to the process as a whole?
A. field service
B. design
C. distribution
D. project management
E. None of the above

553. The area of AI that investigates methods of facilitating communication between people and computers is:
A. natural language processing
B. symbolic processing
C. decision support
D. robotics
E. None of the above

554. In the 16th century, a Czech rabbi reportedly created a living clay man whose name has become a synonym for an artificial human. The clay man’s name was:
A. Frankenstein
B. Golem
C. Paracelsus
D. Hal
E. None of the above

555. For speech understanding systems to gain widespread acceptance in office automation, they must feature:
A. speaker independence
B. speaker dependence
C. isolated word recognition
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

556. In LISP, the function returns the list that results after the first element is removed (the rest f the list), is
A. car
B. last
C. cons
D. cdr
E. None of the above

557. Output segments of AI programming contain(s)
A. printed language and synthesized speech
B. Manipulation of physical object
C. Locomotion
D. All of the above
E. None of the above

558. LISP was created by:
A. John McCarthy
B. Marvin Minsky
C. Alan Turing
D. Allen Newell and Herbert Simon
E. None of the above

559. Expert Ease was developed under the direction of:
A. John McCarthy
B. Donald Michie
C. Lotfi Zadeh
D. Alan Turing
E. None of the above

560. An AI system developed by Terry A. Winograd to permit an interactive dialogue about a domain he called blocks-world.
E. None of the above