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1091. A connection of same type of network is __________.

A. Bridge
B. Repeater *
C. Gateway
D. Router

1092. SNA stands for _________.

A. Simple Network adapter
B. System Network Architecture *
C. Systerm Network Application
D. Small Network Application

1093. The business conducted with the help of computer network is called _________.

A. E- commercial
B. E- commerce *
C. E- communication
D. Nothing

1094. SNA is an example of _________.

A. de Jure protocol
B. de facto protocol *
C. Network organization
D. None

1095. The most common protocol used in WAN is _________.

A. Ethernet
B. X25 *

1096. Transmit date in the form of light is called _________.

A. Fiber glass *
C. Color glass
D. None

1097. A search engine is __________.

A. A software to search for engines
B. A device search for motor engine
C. A website that sells products and services
D. A website that look through databases for matching criteria *

1098. The transfer of data from one place to another is called _________.

A. Data processing
B. Data distribtion
C. Data communication *
D. Data encryption

1099. Word 16 bits is _________.

A. 65536 *
B. 64526
C. 32526
D. 34526

1100. Coaxial and fiber cables are examples of media __________.

A. Guided *
B. Router
C. Un-guided
D. Simplex