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1221. Who is known as father of computer ?

A. Charles Babbage *
B. Alan Turing
C. Tim Berner-lee
D. Bill gates

1222. Who is the of the Microsoft computer company ?

A. Tim Berners-lee
B. Alan Turing
C. Bill gates *
D. Babbage

1223. USB is the acronym for :

A. Universal serial bus *
B. Urgent serial Bus
C. Universal serial service
D. Universal service bus

1224. Which is the oldest search engine (it was founded in 1993)?

A. Google
B. Yahoo
C. Archie *
D. Aliweb

1225. British Scientist Tim Berners-Lee was the founder of ?

A. Google company
B. Yahoo mail
C. World wide web *
D. Hotmail

1226. Who is considered to be the first programmer ?

A. Ada Lovelace *
B. Alan Turing
C. Tim Berners-Lee
D. Bill gates

1227. When was the first email sent ?

A. 1963
B. 1969
C. 1971 *
D. 1974

1228. Where is the BIOS stored ?

A. On the hard drive
B. On a diskette
C. On a USB drive
D. On a flash memory chip *

1229. Who was one of the original founders for the Intel corporation ?

A. Bill Gates
B. Jerry Yang
C. Gordon-E-Moore *
D. Sergey Brin

1230. Which of the following is not a social network site ?

A. Amazon *
B. Myspace
C. Orkut
D. Twitter