951. Pakistan’s Shahida Abbasi and Mohammad Awais had won Gold medals in ____ competitions of the 13th South Asian Games being held in Nepal.
A. Squash
B. Karate
C. Shooting
D. Weight Lifting

952. When Prime Minister Imran Khan launched ‘Digital Pakistan’ initiative?
A. 5th September 2019
B. 5th October 2019
C. 5th November 2019
D. 5th December 2019

953. Which Bank approved $1.3 billion in loans for Pakistan for emergency budgetary support on Dec 06, 2019?
A. State Bank
D. World Bank

954. When KP Govt Announces 339-KM Peshawar-DI Khan Motorway?
A. 1st December 2019
B. 2nd December 2019
C. 3rd December 2019
D. None of these

955. Name the First Female Officer of the Pakistan Army, Who was awarded UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) certificate of the Year 2019?
A. Major Ayesha Butt
B. Major Samia Rehman
C. Captain Maheen Syed
D. Major Ramsha Kaleem

956. Tourism Competitiveness Index 2019, Pakistan ranks ___ out of 140 countries listed.
A. 127
B. 121
C. 117
D. 101

957. Which Chief Minister recently launched the “Mera Bacha Alert” mobile application with an aim to help people and departments concerned in recovery of missing children in the province?
A. CM Mahmood Khan
B. Usman Buzdar
C. Syed Murad Ali Shah
D. Jam Kamal Khan

958. When President Arif Alvi conferred Nishan-e-Imtiaz on Turkish Army chief General Yasar Guler?
A. November 20, 2019
B. November 22, 2019
C. November 24, 2019
D. November 26, 2019

959. Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa is scheduled to retire on:
A. December 14, 2019
B. December 18, 2019
C. December 21, 2019
D. December 25, 2019

960. Pakistan needs how many votes from FATF members to exit from grey list?
A. 12
B. 15
C. 20
D. None of these