741. As per study by Pakistan center for philanthropy, what amount Pakistanis give to charity annually?
A. 300 billion RS
B. 320 billion RS
C. 240 billion RS (Answer)
D. 380 billion RS

742. HEC has suspended admissions for M Phil and PhD distance learning programme administered by how many universities?
A. 15
B. 16
C. 13 (Answer)
D. 12

743. Which Pakistani court has ordered arrest of TLP leaders in Faizabad sit-in case?
B. Anti terrorism court (Answer)
D. Lahore high court

744. Which famous leader has stepped down as leader of Kashmir group (Tehreek-e-Hurriyat)?
A. M.Ashraf Sehraie
B. Syed Ali Shah Geelani (Answer)
C. M.Yasin Malik
D. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq

745. Which foreign company has announced 11 billion RS investment in Pakistan in march 2018?
A. Adam motor company
B. Unilever (Answer)
C. Agha steel
D. Al-Ghazi tractors

746. SC has banned the TV show of which anchorperson for three months on 20 March 2018?
A. Aamir liaquat
B. Dr Shahid Masood (Answer)
C. Kashif Abbasi
D. Kamran Khan

747. Who has been appointed as president of Muttahida Majlis Amal?
A. Siraj-ul-Haq
B. Maulana Fazlur Rehman (Answer)
C. Liaquat baloch
D. Khadim Rizvi

748. CWI has offered —— dollars for each player of WI cricket team,who will participate in the three match t20I seriesagainst Pakistan in April 2018?
A. 27000
B. 28000
C. 25000 (Answer)
D. 30000

749. How many containers were fallen into sea,after two cargo ships collided at Karachi port?
 A. 22
B. 23
C. 21 (Answer)
D. 24

750. Shahida nasreen who has been awarded first position at the 7th International Women Policing Conference held in
Georgia is working on which rank in Pakistan?
A. DSP investigation (Answer)
B. ASI investigation
C. SI investigation
D. Head Constable