471. Queen Maxima arrived in Pakistan for a three-day visit in her capacity as the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Advocate (UNSGSA) for inclusive finance for________?
A. Development
B. Poverty alleviation
C. To discourage terror financing
D. Asian countries

472. Two Pakistani students gain highest mark for _________ exam held in China?
A. Cambridge Exam
B. oxford Exam
C. Trinity Exam
D. None of these

473. Prime Minister Imran Khan launched country’s first ever barometer to measure green character and cleanliness of the country’s cities called Clean Green Pakistan Index on __________?
A. 23 Nov,2019
B. 24 Nov,2019
C. 25 Nov,2019
D. 20 Nov,2019

474. Recently PM Imran Khan launched country’s first ever Clean Green Pakistan Index in how many cities?
A. 15
B. 16
C. 19
D. 24

475. Which country has become the First country in the World to introduce WHO approved Typhoid vaccine?
A. China
B. Pakistan
C. India
D. Japan

476. Pakistan was re-elected to the Executive Board of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) with how many votes?
A. 136
B. 143
C. 149
D. 154

477. Who is the Current Vice Chief of the Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy (VCNS)?
A. Vice Admiral Kaleem Shaukat
B. Vice Admiral Fayyaz Gilani
C. Vice Admiral Ammar Aslam
D. Vice Admiral Naveed Akhtar

478. Who is 8-year-old youngest Pakistani climate change activist?
A. Zoya Malik
B. Rameen Zeshan Malik
C. Emaan Danish Khan
D. Fizza Hayat Khan

479. How much (FDI) increase in the first four months of current fiscal year as compared same period last fiscal year, reported by (SBP) on November 18, 2019?
A. 138%
B. 183%
C. 238%
D. 283%

480. Which of the following queen visited Pakistan for a three-day visit from November 25 to November 27 as UN representative?
A. Queen Letizia
B. Queen Maxima
C. Queen Rania
D. None of these