881. Pakistan Railway to run train from ___________ in order to strengthen trade?
A. Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul
B. Islamabad-Kabul-Tehran
C. Islamabad-Beijing-Tehran
D. Islamabad-Tehran-Baku

882. The LOC ceasefire agreement was reached between which two DGMOs (Director General of Military Operations)?
A. Maj Gen Nauman Zakaria & Lt. Gen Paramjit Sangha
B. Maj Gen Nadeem Raza & Lt. Gen Chandi Prasad Mohanty
C. Maj Gen Qamar Bajwa & Lt. Gen Jai Singh Nain
D. Maj Gen Muhammad Abdul Aziz & Lt. Gen Anil Chauhan

883. Pakistan and India had recommitted themselves to the 2003 ceasefire arrangement at the Line of Control on__________?
A. 22nd February, 2021
B. 23rd February, 2021
C. 24th February, 2021
D. 25th February, 2021

884. Financial Action Task Force decided to keep Pakistan on grey list until_________ ?
A. July 2021
B. December 2021
C. August 2021
D. June 2021

885. A batch of _______Pakistan army troops left for Central African Republic (CAR) on Sunday to perform peace-keeping duties under the aegis of the United Nations Mission.?
A. 250
B. 350
C. 450
D. 550

886. Which is the national flower of Pakistan ?
A. Lilly
B. Rose
C. Jasmine
D. Tulip

887. Who is the Current Chief Minister of PUNJAB?
A. Raja Farooq Haider
B. Sardar Usman Buzdar
C. Sheikh Ejaz Nisar
D. Mian Shehbaz Sharif

888. Who is the Current Prime Minister of AZAD JAMMU AND KASHMIR?
A. Chaudhry Abdul Majeed
B. Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan
C. Raja Farooq Haider
D. Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan

889. Pakistan offers _________million credit line to Sri Lanka for defence ties including intelligence sharing and cooperation on other security issues.
A. $20 million
B. $30 million
C. $50 million
D. None of these

890. The lessons for a post pandemic world ,is a recently launched book, written by__________?
A. Maleeha Lodhi
B. Fareed Zakaria
C. Fatima Bhutto
D. None