1381. The east india company built its first factory in the west coast city of :

A. Mirath
B. Agra
C. Surat *
D. None of these

1382. Name the first vicerory of portugees possessions in the Sub-Continent ?

A. Wallison
B. Austen Warren
C. De Almedia *
D. Mountbatter

1383. Vasco-de-Gama was succeeded by ____________ in 1503:

A. Alfonso de Albuquerqe *
B. John Admas
C. Francisco de Almeida
D. Captain William

1384. Name the merchant adventure who was the first englishman who arrived in india in 1599 by the overland route, Ostensibly for purpose of trade with indian merchant ?

A. John Mildenhall *
B. John Adams
C. Francisco de Almeida
D. Captain william

1385. Company named ” The governor and company of Merchants of london trading in th east indies is commonly known as the :

A. English East india company *
B. Dutch East india company
C. French East india company
D. Merchant East india company

1386. What was the name of first English ambassador who visited the Mughal court of Jahangir ?

A. John Mildenhall
B. John Surman
C. Thomas Reo
D. Captain William Hawkins *

1387. When captain William Hawkins Visited the Mughal Court of Jahangir?

A. 1605
B. 1607
C. 1608 *
D. 1609

1388. When Emperor Jahangir issued Farman permitting the English to Establish a factory at Surat ( It was the first permission to East india company in india)?

A. 1605
B. 1607
C. 1608
D. 1609 *

1389. In Which area the English East company was established its first factory ?

A. Bombay
B. Bengal
C. Surat *
D. Kolkata

1390. When the English East india company set up a factory at Surat ?

A. 1611
B. 1612
C. 1613 *
D. 1614