811. Who is the Current Leader of Opposition of Senate of Pakistan ?
A. Raza Rabani
B. Raja Zafarul Haq
C. Yousuf Raza Gilani
D. None of these

812. When Radio Pakistan’s renowned newscaster and first female announcer of State TV, Kanwal Naseer died at age of 73?
A. 22nd March, 2021
B. 24th March, 2021
C. 25th March, 2021
D. None of these

813. Which High Court suspended membership of two MPAs over rising dog bite cases in their constitutes?
A. Balochistan High Court
B. Islamabad High Court
C. Punjab High Court
D. Sindh High Court

814. When Air Marshal Zaheer Ahmad Baber assumed the Charge of Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Air Force?
A. 17th March, 2021
B. 18th March, 2021
C. 19th March, 2021
D. 20th March, 2021

815. Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Zaheer Ahmad Babar Sidhu is the ___________ Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Air Force?
A. 21st
B. 22nd
C. 23rd
D. None of these

816. Which of the following country’s Army team won gold medal in international “Adventure Competition” held in Nepal from March 18 to 21?
B. Russia
C. Pakistan
D. France

817. Prime Minister Imran Khan on 18th March 2021 inaugurated the balloting ceremony of a housing scheme for labourers in________?
A. Peshawar
B. Islamabad
C. Karachi
D. Lahore

818. The ________________has plans to invest $94.04 million in a ‘virtual pipeline’ to deliver imported liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Pakistani Industries.
A. Oil and Gas Development Company Limited
B. Gwadar GasPort Limited (GGPL)
C. Pakistan Petroleum Limited
D. Pakistan Oil Fields Limited

819. Pakistan joined the OIC to observe first-ever ‘International Day to Combat Islamophobia.’ on___________?
A. 14th March
B. 15th March
C. 16th March
D. None of these

820. Mirza Khaqan Afridi is a Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Pakistan, He belongs to _________??
A. Mohmand district
B. Khyber district
C. Kurram district
D. None of these