571. The government on January 28, 2021 reconstituted the NTDC
board under the chairmanship of:
A. Naveed Ismail
B. Imran Shahid
C. Saleem Bajwa
D. Imran Khan

572. When Pakistan first National investment platform launched?
A. February 09, 2021
B. February 10, 2021
C. February 11, 2021
D. February 12, 2021

573. Afkar-i-Taza ThinkFest to be held virtually from:
A. February 10, 2021
B. February 11, 2021
C. February 12, 2021
D. February 13, 2021

574. What is the name of the Pakistan-Turkish joint military
exercise 2021?

575. Pakistan-Turkish joint military exercise 2021 begin on:
A. February 8, 2021
B. February 9, 2021
C. February 10, 2021
D. February 11, 2021

576. Recently, which province law minister resigned from his post
over video leak?
B. Punjab
C. Sindh
D. Balochistan

577. The ___ report of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has acknowledged Pakistan’s actions against terrorists.
A. 25th
B. 26th
C. 27th
D. 28th

578. Recently, Pakistan unveiled a roadmap to build a shipyard in:
A. Gilgit
B. Karachi
C. Attock
D. Gwadar

579. Pakistan Railways is launching a weekly “Safari Tourist Train”
from Rawalpindi to:
A. Attock
B. Peshawar
C. Islamabad
D. Karachi

580. On February 11th, 2021, Pakistan conducted a successful
training launch of ___ Cruise Missile.
A. Ghaznavi
B. Babur
C. Ababeel
D. Nasr


581. What is Pakistan’s rank in the 2020 Democracy Index?
A. 101
B. 103
C. 105
D. 108

582. Who becomes first Asian and Pakistani to climb Africa’s highest
peak (Kilimanjaro) in less than 24 hours?
Nazir Sabir
B. Ashraf Aman
C. Asad Ali Memon
D. None of these

583. Pakistan took $___ billion loan from external sources in seven
months (July to January).
A. $4.66 billion
B. $5.66 billion
C. $6.66 billion
D. $7.66 billion

584. Pakistan and ITFC on February 24, 2021 signed a $___ billion
trade financing facility for year 2021.
A. $0.80 billion
B. $0.90 billion
C. $1 billion
D. $1.1 billion

585. KP cabinet okays how many years age relaxation for PMS
A. One year
B. Two years
C. Three years
D. Four years

586. Pakistan offers $___ million credit line to Sri Lanka for defense ties.
A. $30 million
B. $40 million
C. $50 million
D. $60 million

587. When NA passes bill to ban corporal punishment in Islamabad?
A. February 22, 2021
B. February 23, 2021
C. February 24, 2021
D. February 25, 2021

588. Name the Pakistani Girl who achieved the milestone and
topped in ACCA ( Association Of Chartered Certified
A. Sara Nadeem
B. Bisma Musharaf
C. Zara Naeem
D. Deena Neer

589. Pakistan needs how many votes from FATF members to exit
from grey list?
A. 10
B. 12
C. 14
D. 16
CSS 2021 MCQs

590. The 2020 Global Climate Risk Index places Pakistan at ___
position for the countries, worst hit from 1999-2018.
A. Third
B. Fifth
C. Seventh
D. Ninth
CSS 2021 MCQs