361. Recently, In 2020 opposition block has formed alliance against current government, what is the name of that alliance?
A. Pakistan democratic movement
B. Anti-Government alliance
C. Charter of democracy
D. None

362. Which country was recently inducted by the World Economic Forum into ” Global Champion for Nature Community”?
A. Turkey
B. Pakistan
C. Canada
D. None of these

363. Who is the Current Ambassador of Pakistan to China Year 2020?
A. Moin-ul-Haque
B. Riaz Mohammad Khan
C. Samina Mehtab
D. Naghmana Alamgir
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364. Admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi HI(M) SBt has assumed Command of Pakistan Navy as ______ of the Naval Staff.
A. 22nd chief
B. 23rd chief
C. 24rth chief
D. 25th chief

365. Who is the Current Chief of the Naval Staff of Pakistan Navy In  Year 2020?
A. Admiral Syed Arifullah Hussaini,
B. Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi
C. Admiral Shah Sohail Masood
D. Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi

366. Which Pakistani has figured in Forbes’ list of richest Americans 2020, topped by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for the third year in a row?
A. Malik Riaz
B. Shahid Khan
C. Habibulah Khan
D. Anver pervez

367. Who is current CEO of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (2020) ?
1. Mr. Asim Rauf
2. Mr. Aarab bin Saleem
3. Mr. Farman Aijaz
4. Mr. Sajid Ghani

368. When Punjab Rozgar Scheme Launched?
A. 1 Sep 2020
B. 22 Aug 2020
C. 1 Oct 2020
D. 4 July 2020

369. Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Anahyan Road is in______________?
A. Mohmand District
B. Khyber District
C. Bajaur District
D. None of these

370. Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Anahyan Road 42 km long road connect 9 cities and 6 villages inaugurated by PM Imran Khan on__________?
A. 20 September 2020
B. 22 September 2020
C. 28 September 2020
D. None of these