421. Which FATF-related bills were passed through National Assembly on 29-July-2020 ?
A. The Anti-terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2020
B. The United Nations (Security Council) (Amendment) Bill, 2020
C. The Money Laundering (Amendment) Bill, 2020
D. Both A & B

422. When Pak Army inducted Al Khalid-I main battle tank in Armoured Corps Regiment?
A. July 27, 2020
B. July 28, 2020
C. July 29, 2020
D. None of these

423. What is Current Share of Pakistan in World Population?
A. 2.20%
B. 2.30%
C. 2.40%
D. 2.83%

424. The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on 23-July-2020 ordered sealing of the Navy Sailing Club on the ________?
A. Swaik Lake
B. Kalar Kahar Lake
C. Rawal Lake
D. Karambar Lake

425. Mention the name of the Javelin thrower who has become the first Pakistani to directly qualify for Tokyo Olympics in 2021?
A. Afnan Fahim
B. Arshad Nadeem
C. Muhammad Inam butt
D. None of these

426. What is the rank of Pakistan, according to the NTI (Nuclear Threat Initiative) nuclear security index 2020?
A. 18th
B. 19th
C. 20th
D. None of these

427. Which Senior journalist was abducted from Islamabad on 21st July 2020 & released after 12 hours?
A. Hamid Mir
B. Matiullah Jan
C. Mubashir Luqman
D. None of them

428. Who is current Executive Director of National Institute of Health Islamabad?
A. Muhammad Aarab
B. Maj.Gen Aamer Ikram
C. Rana Safdar Khan
D. None of these

429. Pakistan has signed an agreement with China for _______MW Azad Pattan hydropower Project in July 2020?
A. 800
B. 300
C. 100
D. 700

430. Who wrote the book ” Pashtoon Heroes”?
A. Hammad Safi
B. Bilawal Latif Dawar
C. Ahmad Shah
D. None of them