151. Name the biggest Hockey Stadium of Pakistan?
A. Hockey Stadium Faisalabad
B. Hockey Stadium Islamabad
C. National Hockey Stadium Lahore
D. National Stadium Karachi

152. Name the biggest Commercial Bank of Pakistan?
A. Muslim Commercial Bank
B. United Bank Ltd
C. Al-Falah Bank
D. Habib Bank Ltd

153. Which is the biggest Desert found in Pakistan?
A. Thar
B. Cholistan
C. Rohi
D. None of these

154. Name the biggest Park (area wise) in Pakistan is____________?
A. Bagh-e-Jinah Lahore
B. Ayub National Park
C. Changa Manga
D. None of these

155. Which is the biggest mosque in Pakistan
A. Jamia Mosque Karachi
B. Shahi Mosque Lahore
C. Chandni Mosque Peshawar
D. Faisal Mosque Islamabad

156. Which one of the following is the biggest man made lake found in Pakistan?
A. Hub lake
B. Manchar lake
C. Halegi lake
D. Keenjhar lake

157. Which one of the following is the biggest natural lake found in Pakistan?
A. Lalusar
B. Saif-ul-Muluk
C. Manchar
D. Sat Para

158. The biggest airline of Pakistan is___________?
B. Blue Airways
C. Ithiad Airline
D. None of these

159. Which is the biggest cricket stadium in Pakistan?
A. Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad
B. Qaddafi Stadium Lahore
C. National Stadium Karachi
D. None of these

160. Where is the biggest hydro-electric power station found in Pakistan?
A. Tarbela dam
B. Khanpur dam
C. Mangla dam
D. Warsak dam