351. According to a recent Oxfam report, What is the rank of Pakistan in Health Spending Index 2020?
A. 75/158
B. 96/158
C. 128/158
D. 155/158

352. Landslide hits bus near skardu on 18oct2020 caused casualties ?
A. 13
B. 15
C. 16
D. 12

353. Which PPP’s senior leader passes away due to Covid-19 on 15 Oct 2020?
A. Arshad Rabbani
B. Rashid Rabbani
C. Rauf Ghani
D. Arshad Mehmood

354. AGP blames finance ministry for irregularities worth Rs___________?
A. 1.535 trillion
B. 1.695 trillion
C. 1.075 trillion
D. None of these

355. A massive fire erupted in Lahore’s Hafeez Centre on__________?
A. 15 October 2020
B. 16 October 2020
C. 17 October 2020
D. 18 October 2020

356. Former PIA MD ______ recently arrested for illegal hiring?
A. Asad
B. Rafique
C. Aijaz Haroon
D. None of these

357. What is the Pakistan’s rank at the 2020 Global Hunger Index (GHI) out of 107 countries?
A. 77th
B. 88th
C. 94th
D. None of these

358. Islands of Sindh Bundal and Buddu are Located at the mouth of____________?
A. Hawkesbay
B. Manora
C. Clifton
D. Korangy Creek

359. Name the twin islands of Sindh, which have recently been taken over by federal government through a presidential ordinance?
A. Sundal and Suddu
B. Bundal and Buddu
C. Manora and Kemari
D. Hawkesbay and Clifton

360. Islands of Sindh Bundal and Buddu are spread over area of__________?
A. 5,000 acres
B. 7,000 acres
C. 10,000 acres
D. 12,000 acres