751. which Pakistani Lady Police Officer has been awarded first position at the 7th International Women Policing Conference
held in Georgia?
A. Shahida Nasreen (Answer)
B. Mumtaz begum
C. Irum begum
D. Shaista Ikramullah

752. As per The Economist Intelligence Unit report 2018,Karachi has been ranked as ——— cheapest city in the world?
A. 6th (Answer)
B. 7th
C. 8th
D. 9th

753. Which death Anniversary of the 1965 War Hero MM Alam was observed on 18 March 2018?
A. 3rd
B. 4th
C. 5th (Answer)
D. 6th

754. When Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan take a Command of Pakistan Air force?
A. 16 March 2018
B. 17 March 2018
C. 18 March 2018
D. 19 March 2018 (Answer)

755. Who is the Current Chief of Air Staff of Pakistan Air Force (PAF)?
A. Sohail Aman
B. Tahir Rafique Butt
C. Mujahid Anwar Khan (Answer)
D. Rao Qamar Suleman

756. When FIFA has lifted suspension on Pakistan football federation?
A. 13 March 2018 (Answer)
B. 14 March 2018
C. 15 March 2018
D. 11 March 2018

757. Four workers of NTS have been arrested from which city involved in leaking the NTS papers?
A. Abbottabad (Answer)
B. Swat
C. Larkana
D. Sukkur

758. Which Pakistani film has become first to premiere at London’s Leicester square?
A. Cake (Answer)
B. Waar
C. Punjab nahi jaungi
D. Verna

759. Which country has levied 400 times higher duty on Pakistan goods?
A. Afghanistan (Answer)
B. India
C. Iran
D. Saudi Arabia

760. Which country has invited Pakistan to participate in Chahbahar project?
A. Iran (Answer)
B. China
C. India
D. Turkey