1311. Who was the first director general of French east india company ?

A. Philiph III of spain
B. Jan pieterszoon coen
C. Francois caron *
D. Jean Baptiste Colbert

1312. British East india company ruled in india which effectively began after the battle of plassey in :

A. 1753
B. 1755
C. 1757 *
D. 1759

1313. The east india company extended its commercial activities in Bengal in :

A. 1600 AD
B. 1650 AD
C. 1700 AD *
D. 1750 AD

1314. British Parliament granted regulatory control over east india company to the british government and established the post of governor-general of india, with Warren Hastings as the first incumbent in ?

A. 1773 *
B. 1774
C. 1843
D. 1757

1315. In1784, The british parliament passed pitt’s india act which created a board of control for overseeing the administration of east india company .In 1784, Hastings was succeeded by:

A. Cornwallis *
B. Lord Ripon
C. Lord Wavell
D. Lord Reading

1316. Who was appointed the governor of india in 1772 ?

A. Warren Hastings *
B. Macpherson
C. Lord Wavell
D. Lord Reading

1317. Who was viceroy of india when indian councils Act 1861 was passed ?

A. Sir John Lawrence
B. Charles Canning *
C. Lord Northbrook
D. Lord Mayo

1318. Which Viceroy of india was assassinated during his government ?

A. Sir John Lawrence
B. Northbrook
C. Charles canning
D. Lord Mayo

1319. The first portuguese encounter with india was on may 20. 1948 when vasco de gama landed in calicut. Calicut is located in which indian state today ?

A. Kerala
B. Madras *
C. Karachi
D. Agra

1320. Who first discovered the sea route to the sub continent ?

A. Dutch
B. Portuguese *
C. French
D. English