1081.What is the Pakistan’s rank in the 2022 UN World Happiness report?

A. 121st *
B. 105th
C. 109th
D. None of these

1082.Pakistan signs deal to avoid $________bn penalty in Reko Diq case on 20 March 2022?

A. $19 billion
B. $9 billion
C. $11 billion *
D. None of these

1083.Pakistan’s first home Test series against Australia in 24 years ended in _________?

A. Won by Australia *
B. Won by Pakistan
C. tame draw
D. None of these

1084.Who is the Current Minister of Finance in Balochistan 2022?

A. Haji Noor Muhammad Dumar *
B. Muhammad Arif
C. Zmarak Khan
D. None of these

1085.Who is the Current Minister of Education in Balochistan 2022?

A. Mir Naseebullah Marri *
B. Mir Mohammad Asim Kurd Gello
C. Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind
D. None of these

1086.48th Session of Foreign Ministers of OIC to be held on: _________?

A. March 18-20
B. March 19-20
C. March 22-23 *
D. March 24-25

1087.Voting for the Second phase of local body election in KP’s slated to take place in 18 districts on ____________?

A. March 27, 2022
B. March 31, 2022 *
C. April 4, 2022
D. None of these

1088.Which Pakistani organization is tasked with boosting health sector capacity in 12 countries?

A. The health Services Academy(HSA) *
B. King Edward medical College(KEMC)
C. Pakistan Institute of Medical sciences (PIMS)
D. None of these

1089.What is the name of British-Pakistani actor/actress who has become the first Muslim to win the Academy Award for best live-action short film?

A. Ismail Merchant
B. Shameela Bakhsh
C. Meryam Joobeur
D. Riz Ahmed *

1090. President Dr Arif Alvi dissolved National Assembly on the advise PM Imran Khan on __________?

A. 2nd April 2022
B. 3rd April 2022 *
C. 4th April 2022
D. None of these