311. Recently Which Chief Minister of Pakistan tested positive with COVID-19 in month of November?
A. CM Sindh
B. CM Balochistan
D. CM Punjab

312. 3rd Gilgit-Baltistan elections held on_________?
A. 16 November 2020
B.15 November 2020
C. 14 November 2020
D. 13 November 2020

313. Total Number of seats in Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly?
A. 30
B. 35
C. 40
D. 33

314. When chief justice Peshawar high court justice waqar Seth died?
A. 10 November 2020
B. 11 November 2020
C. 12 November 2020
D. Non of these

315. Which of following Pakistani Umpire has achieved the milestone of the record of most ICC ODI On-Field Umpire?
A. Aleem Dar
B. Shohzeb Raza
C. Raja Mehmood
D. None of them

316. Who is the Chairman of Competition Commission of Pakistan?
A. Rahat Kaunain Hassan
B. Shaista Bano
C. Bushra Naz Malik
D. None of theme

317. Who is the Current Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC)?
A. Mufti Muneed-ur-Rehman
B. Dr. Qibla Ayaz
C. Maulana Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi
D. None of these

318. GB celebrated ____ Independence day on 1,November, 2020?
A. 74th
C. 75th
D. None of these.

319. Arif Anis won “Brain of the year 2020” award for his services:
A. Free delivery of food during covid19
B. Discovery of vaccine of covid19
C. Discover of hapteatus vaccine
D. Discover of dangue vaccine

320. Who is the first Pakistani to win “Brain of the Year 2020” award?
A. Arif Anis
B. Ali Zafar
C. Dr. Abdul Qdeer
D. Fawad Choudhri