In the Current Affairs MCQs category, you can find thousands of MCQs about the world’s current affairs as well as Pakistan’s current affairs. Current affair is an essential part of job test and interviews. Academic Task provides updated Current affairs of Pakistan Mcqs so that you can prepare accordingly. MCQs of Current Affairs covers the topics like Important issues,  current heads of organizations, current chief of military forces, current ministers, current IGs of Police, Important dates, Famous personalities and Sports, Politics, Economy and Business, Bills & Acts, MCQs from Science and Technology developments, etc.

Pakistan Current Affairs Mcqs & Quiz for Test Prepartation

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11. Who is the Current CEO of Pakistan Steel Mills?

A. Engineer Ashiq Ali
B. Brig (r) Shujah Hassan
C. Sher Alam Mehsud
D. None

12. Who has been appointed as new Spokesperson for Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

A. Dr Faisal
B. Zahid Hafeez
C. Ayesha Farooqi
D. Shahera Shahid

13. President Alvi confers ____________ to Kashmiri leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani on 14th August 2020?

A. Sitara-i-Imtiaz
B. Nishan-i-Imtiaz
C. Nishan-e-Haider
D. Nishan-e-Pakistan

14. PM Imran Khan announced; __________ will be celebrated as the Tiger Force Day?

A. August 5
B. August 9
C. August 16
D. None of these

16. The handing over ceremony of the Al Khalid-I tank was held at ____________?

A. Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT)
B. Pakistan Ordance Factory Wah Cantt
C. China
D. Ukraine

17. The Pak Army has upgraded the version of _______ tank known as ________?

A. Al Zarar and Al Zarar-I
B. Type 59 and Type 59-I
C. Al Khalid and Al Khalid-I
D. None of these

18. Pakistan will give the country’s prestigious award (Sitara-e-Quaid-i-azam) to a which famous Turkish professor for his work to promote Urdu?

A. Prof. Usman Balta
B. Prof. Mehmet Balta
C. Prof. Celal Soydan
D. Prof. Usman Sahin

19. President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi conferred Pakistan’s civil awards to __________ Pakistanis and foreigners in recognition of their services to Pakistan on 14 August, 2020?

A. 180
B. 184
C. 188
D. None of these

20. BRT stands for:_____________?

A. Blue Rapid Transport
B. Best Road Transportation
C. Bus Rapid Transit
D. Best Road Transit