541. Pakistan’s Wrestler Muhammad Inam Butt won________medal at ANOC world Beach Wrestling Championship in Doha?
A. Gold Medal
B. Silver medal
C. Bronze Medal
D. None of these

542. Which Pakistan’s Badminton player win Bronze Medal in the Balgarian International Championship 2019?
A. Mahoor Shahzad
B. Rabia Shahzad
C. Anum Meer
D. Sana Ali

543. Which of following Pakistani girl wins silver in Welsh Open Weightlifting Championship 2019 in 49KG body weight category?
A. Neelam Riaz
B. Rabia Shehzad
C. Shazia Shehzad
D. None Of These

544. ___________has become the first Woman from Kpk , who has made it to Pakistan Air Force as a frontline fighter pilot?
A. Kainat Junaid
B. Uzma khan
C. Sana Mir
D. Bushra Ali

545. Which actress of Pakistan has been chosen by the Human Rights Ministry as a goodwill Ambassador for Girls Rights ?
A. Mehwish Hayat
B. Mahira khan
C. Sanam Baloch
D. Iqra Aziz

546. Mohammad Hasnain, who has become the youngest-ever cricketer to take a hat-trick in T20I, is from __________?
A. Pakistan
B. South Africa
C. Afghanistan
D. Bangladesh

547. Who becomes the Youngest-ever cricketer to take a hat-trick in T20I?
A. Imad Waseem
B. Mohammad Hasnain
C. Shaheen Shah Afreedi
D. None of them

548. A resolution has been submitted in___________ Assembly to remove Sarfaraz Ahmed as captain after the 3-0 loss to S Lanka?
A. Punjab Assembly
B. KPK Assembly
C. Sindh Assembly
D. Balochistan Assembly

549. When Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton arrived in Pakistan for their first official five days trip to Pakistan?
A. 11 October 2019
B. 14 October 2019
C. 18 October 2019
D. None of above

550. Common Man’s Gallery is inaugurated on 4th October 2019 by___________?
A. Shibli faraz
B. Raja Zafar ul Haq
C. Sadiq Sajrani
D. Asad Qaisar