371. What is rank of Pakistan in Business innovation index, 2020 compiled by World Intellectual Property Organization?
A. 103
B. 105
C. 107
D. 110

372. The government of Sindh has recently introduced a new district in Karachi is___________?
A. Sohrab goth
B. korangi
C. New Karachi
D. Kemari

373. How many districts are in Sindh ?
A. 25
B. 27
C. 29
D. 30

374. Which session of the United Nations General Assembly has been addressed by Prime Minister Imran Khan on 25 Sept 2020?
A. 75th
B. 76th
C. 77th
D. 78th

375. The Judicial Commission of the APS Peshawar comprises of__________ members?
A. One member
B. Two members
C. Three members
D. Four members

376. When PM Imran Khan addresses the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA)?
A. 26th Sept 2020
B. 25th Sept 2020
C. 24th Sept 2020
D. None of these

377. The 11-party Opposition, All Parties Conference (APC) hosted by Chairman of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Sunday 20th September 2020 demanded resignation of__________?
A. Senate chairman
B. Speaker of National assembly
C. Finance minister
D. Prime minister

378. A novella ”The smile snatcher” recently released, is written by___________?:
A. Imran Khan
B. Raza Rabbani
C. Asad Qaisar
D. Dr Arif Alvi

379. National assembly passed bills related to___________ in Sept 2020?
C. Gang rape
D. none

380. FATF Bill was passed by Assembly Joint Session on__________?
A. 13 September 2019
B. 16 September 2020
C. 19 September 2020
D. None of them