681. Former Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Munaf died recently in which Country ?
C. Netherlands
D. India

682. Khalique Zuberi,who died recently was associated with..?
A. Sports
B. Journalist
C. Acting
D. None of these

683. Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa on January 24, 2020 inaugurated Electronic Warfare (EW) and Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) testing laboratories at the National Radio Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) at ..?
A. Islamabad
B. Lahore
C. Haripur
D. Peshawar

684. Pakistan first ever female architect ………. has won the prestigious Jane Drew Prize 2020?
A. Anita Turab
B. Yasmeen Lari
C. Fouzia Qureshi
D. Komal Pervaz

685. On 23 January 2020, Pakistan conducted successful lunch of surface to surface missile Ghaznavi, capable of delivering multiple types of warheads
up to a range of ……………. km.
A. 250 km
B. 270 km
C. 290 km
D. 300 km

686. Pakistan has been ranked………. out of 180 countries on the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) 2019?
A. 110
B. 115
C. 120
D. 130

687. Which Pakistani climber became 4th to summit Mount Aconcagua,the highest peak of South America in January 2020?
A. Muhammad Ali Sadpara
B. Rosheen Khan
C. Samina Baig
D. Jabbar Bhatti

688. Pakistan and China decided to develop which city of Pakistan as major
industrial hub recently?
A. Gawader
B. Faislabad
C. Multan
D. Karachi

689. Which Pakistani scientist is awarded”China International Science and
Technology Cooperation Award ” for year 2020?
A. Dr Abdul Qadeer
B. Dr Atta-ur-Rehman
C. Haroon Ahmad
D. Nazir Ahmad

690. Prime Minister Imran Khan launched ‘Hunarmand Nojawan pakistan’ for emancipation of youth on?
A. 8 January 2020
B. 9 January 2020
C. 13 January 2020
D. 15 January 2020