941. SBP formally issues commemorative coin on Guru Nanak ___ birth anniversary.
A. 550th
B. 551th
C. 552th
D. None of these

942. Where China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) starts?
A. Beijing
B. Shanghai
C. Kashgar
D. Xinjiang

943. What is current Sex Ratio (males to females) of Pakistan population?
A. .97%
B. 1.06%
C. 1.07%
D. 1.08%

944. When federal cabinet approved an ambitious national Electric Vehicles (EV) policy?
A. 5th November 2019
B. 6th November 2019
C. 7th November 2019
D. None of these

945. Which Article of Constitution gives Supreme Court the Suo Motu powers?
A. Article 144(3)
B. Article 164(3)
C. Article 184(3)
D. None of these

946. When PM Imran Khan launched country’s first ever barometer to measure green character and cleanliness of the country’s cities?
A. 23 Nov,2019
B. 24 Nov,2019
C. 25 Nov,2019
D. 20 Nov,2019

947. In how many cities, recently PM Imran Khan launched country’s first ever Clean Green Pakistan Index?
A. 15
B. 16
C. 19
D. 24

948. Which Two Pakistani students gain highest mark for Cambridge Exam held in China?
A. Maaz Ali Nadeem and Aqsa Khan
B. Aqsa Khan and Taimoor Ali
C. MaazAli Nadeem and Sana Rajput
D. None of these

949. WAPDA signed ‘Dasu Hydropower project’ contract worth Rs ___ Billion on November 25, 2019?
A. Rs 50.5 Billion
B. Rs 52.5 Billion
C. Rs 50.5 Million
D. Rs 52.5 Million

950. Which Pakistani ambassador has been elected President of the 11th session of the UN Commission on Trade and Development?
A. Munir Akram
B. Dr. Maleha Lodhi
C. Khalil Hashmi
D. Basit Khan

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