511. When Vice Admiral Muhammad Fayyaz Gilani has been appointed as Vice Chief of the Naval Staff at Pakistan Navy?
A. 15 Nov 2019
B. 17 Nov 2019
C. 19 Nov 2019
D. None of these

512. Which Cricketer Star received the 2019 Asia Game Changer Award by Asia Society in New York?
A. Sana Mir
B. Hajra Khan
C. Zulfiya Nazir
D. Bismah Maroof

513. Baba Guru Nanak University will be set up in which District of Pakistan?
A. Gujranwala
B. Nankana sahab
C. Hafizabad
D. Narowal

514. As per agreement on Kartarpur Corridor, How many many Sikhs can travel daily to Gurdwara Kartarpur-Sikhism’s holiest pilgrimage site in Narowal District of Punjab (Pak)?
A. 3000
B. 4000
C. 5000
D. 6000

515. A Public Toilet Finder app is going to be launched on 19 November 2019 to help people, particularly tourists, find public toilets across the__________?
A. Sindh
B. Punjab
D. Baluchistan

516. Who is the Current Social Welfare and human rights Minister of Balochistan?
A. Mir AsadUllah Baloch
B. Zahoor Ahmed
C. Sana Baloch
D. Ahsan Shah

517. How many points Pakistan improved on Worlds Banks Ease of doing business Index 2020?
A. 28
B. 29
C. 30
D. 31

518. Ranking of Pakistan of doing business according to Worlds Banks Ease of doing Business Index 2020?
A. 108
B. 109
C. 110
D. 111

519. Pakistan resolved Karkey Rental Power case worth $1.2bn with the help of_________?
A. China
B. Russia
C. Turkey
D. None of these

520. Pakistan and _______ sign an agreement on the exemption from visa requirement for diplomatic and official passport holders on 30 October 2019?
A. El Salvador
B. Panama
C. Cuba
D. Bolivia